About Us

Sometimes life just hands you opportunities whether you think they are or not. They came with the names of George and Toby and were the prettiest matched team of dapple-grey mules you ever saw. They helped launch Eleven Roses Ranch & Mule Co. by enabling me to offer mule-drawn carriages and wagons so that I could share this wonderful experience of mule-drawn carriages and wagons with others. One thing always seems to lead to another and with the purchase of an authentic 1880s Chuck Wagon I found myself sought-after for Chuck Wagon BBQ catering.


Anne with Belle & Blue at the
Marin County Fair.


In 1993 two lovely ladies dropped into my life with the names Belle and Blue. They are Percheron Draft mules and fit in quite nicely as they were dapple-grey as well. Where George and Toby could be rascally boys these two were elegant-mannered ladies and they have taken me into realms of “mule skinning” that I had not yet seen. They are still my mainstay team while George and Toby enjoy semi-retirement.  
Belle & Blue




Each year we have had hundreds of visitors from all over the world that come to experience the beauty, history and life style that I am blessed to live. My ranch is a piece of my family’s original ranch that was settled in 1883 and is a little piece of Heaven. I am even more blessed that my son, Travis, shares his musical talent (where he got it only Heaven knows!) on the classical guitar, at most of our tours.


Travis Austin playing classical Latin music for visitors.

So come and visit the mules & I and see how we country folk live! We’d love to meet you.

Anne & Mule Co.